omgwtfhedwig asked Winterfell or King’s Landing

exo photoshoot

It’s not Selfie, it’s Selca.

Disney’s Frozen + Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen
xiumin pranking luhan and luhan smacking his butt in return

"Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts!"

140420 Scooter Braun: with XIN and GD

My guy G Dragon at . psy_oppaofficial where r u!?!

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Modern/Reincarnation Merthur AU Merlin Emrys is the most famous photo model in the world, but a new, ridiculously handsome model called Arthur Pendragon steals not only his fame, but also - what is much worse, to Merlin’s liking - his heart. They have an impression that they’ve met before, but none of them can explain it. Very soon Merlin realises that it isn’t the first time they fell in in love. It already happened centuries before and now it’s happening again… but this time in a land of fashion.

Dedicated to mamalaz, the runner up in my Tumblr Awards